4 Tips to Protecting Your Business Online Reputation

Online reputation is basically everything that is said about you and/or your company/business online – the ugly, the bad, and the good. You may not be having a clue about some of the things that people say about your business, hence the need to discover what they are saying about it and what you can do to protect its reputation. Here are four tips to online business reputation management:

Own your search results

This means being the commander of your online domain. Ensure that you own your website’s domain by having your business name on it. This way, you will be able to prevent the business name from being tarnished by trolls or wicked competitors who use cheap gimmicks against you. Owning your website domain also means that your business is not associated with any imitators that may be posing as you in order to ruin your good name.

Keep responses professional

Getting negative feedback concerning your business is definitely going to happen now and then. And, as long as the business is in operation, the effects of negative feedback can be felt with a thunder by the owners. The manner in which you chose to deal with negative complaints might make customers decide whether or not they are going to do business with you anymore.

Don’t get defensive when a customer or any other person makes a bad comment concerning your business online. Always be corrective and respect the person if their info is false. However, in case of legitimate complaints, apologize and try your best to solve the problem. Customers appreciate businesses that go out of their way to fix problems. Remember that customer service has been and will always remain the key.

Some businesses opt to issue refunds whenever they’re being frequently criticized on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms. Nonetheless, a business ought to be very cautious when issuing out refunds. The risk that arises out of this, is that people online will begin pretending they have problems just so that they can receive a refund or discount.

Google your Business

One of the simplest ways for a business to keep tabs on its online reputation is ensuring that they Google the business at least once every day. By doing so, the owner of the company can monitor the views of other people regarding the business. The owner can also create Google alerts to enable them know when their business has been mentioned online.

Create and maintain an online presence

Social media is one of the most critical parts of many businesses in the modern world. Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter will allow the business to react faster to any complaints that customers might have and to promote the business positively. How you take on online conversions will definitely vary depending on the kind of social media platform you pick, whether that is Twitter or Facebook.

No matter what platform you go for, you can greatly help mitigate your business risks by planning ahead, showing transparency and being committed. It’s important to note that there is be value in being available on every social media platform for the simple reason of your business name being taken by somebody else with a similar/same name as yours, and your audience confusing it with yours.